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Lithium Batteries

Lithium-ion golf cart batteries have finally reached the point where the price point meets the performance curve. Now, almost everyone is converting to Lithium Batteries for their golf cart from the typical lead-acid battery.

Lithium battery solutions are rated at over 5000 Cycles (charge/discharge), 10 times the cycles of an acid filled battery at a price point where you will never have to worry about your batteries again.

Allied Lithium Battery is one of the few Lithium Solutions with golf cart batteries made to the exact dimensions as the lead acid batteries so the installation and the connection points are in the same place. Allied's 30ah lithium batteries are true “Drop-in-Ready” for golf carts. Turn-key replacement systems enable you to convert your cart from lead acid to lithium in less than 30 minutes. You can use the same wiring and new chargers are shipped with every order

Allied Lithium Battery multi-battery configurations include 36v 30ah and 48v 30ah. Their single bank batteries are all 48v with these amperages: 65ah, 105ah, 155ah.

Allied lithium golf cart chargers are made with the OEM plug-in connectors so there are no special adapters required to charge the batteries.

Allied lithium 105amp batteries can either be mounted inside (onboard) or with the Charger Port for your Golf Cart installed already to use with your existing Charger Port.