Navitas 440AMP Golf Cart Controller Kit For STAR EV CLASSIC

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Navitas 440AMP Shunt Wound Controller for Star Carts 


  • Fits Star Electric Models with Curtis 1268/1520 controllers.

Pre Purchase Checklist:

  • Cart must have a Curtis 1268/1520 Controller. 
  • Heavy duty solenoid (required for controllers 440 amps or higher)
  • If you have a Lithium battery check your battery discharge specification to in sure the battery can handle the amperage Navitas controllers call for. Insufficient amperage ratings will call for the controller amperage to be turned down. 440 amp controller should have a 400 amp output battery. 600 amp controllers should have a 500 - 600 amp output battery. 
  • Carts with lead acid batteries should have heavy duty batty cables. 4 Gauge or bigger cables.


  • 440AMP TSX 3.0 Second Generation Golf Cart Controller
  • Personality Module that plugs directly into your existing wiring harness'
  • On-The-Fly Programmer Dashmountable for near instant performance tuning while on the Road or Trail


    • Compact Lightweight Design for Easy installation
    • Increases stock Performance in both Speed (19-22MPH) and Torque Power (up to 40%) in certain configurations
    • Utilizes Stock Golf Cart Motor, Solenoid and Wiring
    • Built in Thermal Protection
    • Speed Sensor Input
    • Adjustable Regenerative Braking and Motor Reversing
    • Bluetooth Connectivity with downloadable Navitas IOS and Android App 
    • Personalize the driving experience with Navitas On-The-Fly Programmer.
    • Adjust for More Speed or More Range
    • Set the level of Regenerative Braking
    • Control Rate of Acceleration
    • Key Lock to lock in the settings, disable the dials and allow physical removal of the programmer
    • Diagnostics - LED is used to signal state change and diagnostic information to the operator.

Install Instructions

Increase The Speed, Torque And Efficiency Of Your Golf Cart;Fits Star Cart With Curtis 1268/1520 Controller;Plug and Play Install