UNO Lithium Ion Battery 48V 90Ah Single Bank Drop-in-ready

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Top Features of the UNO Lithium 48v 90ah Battery:

This lithium ion battery can support up to 600 amp bursts. Meaning, it can give you that power boost needed for hilly areas and street acceleration, with 60% better voltage.

A single bank UNO pack will totally replace a lead acid system and only weighs 48lbs! That's the lightest lithium battery option on the market, and will significantly lighten your cart's load compared to lead acid's 372 lbs. 

100% USA Made in Idaho and equipped with a 10 Yr Warranty, this golf cart battery charges over 20% more efficiently than lead acid batteries. This all adds together to reduce energy consumption by 35%.

UNO's onboard computer and mobile application are the most powerful analytic tools in the industry. With live discharge and charge current data it is easier than ever to predict battery performance. Additionally it gives valuable information to protect your battery from abuse and damage. The mobile application also features over the air software updates allowing us to keep your battery running the latest software

UNO's patented battery management system ensures the battery charges safely. Connectors eliminate the risk of electrical shorts.






What's included?

  • UNO 48v 90ah lithium battery
  • UNO universal charger (48v 15a)
  • NOCO AC Charge port (universal)
  • State of Charge Meter
  • APP Software updates
  • All the necessary hardware for fast installation (see video above for help with installing)



How Many Batteries Do I Need?

A question that many customers ask is how many golf cart batteries do I need? See also the guide below. In most cases you only need one battery, which can get you from 30 miles of drivetime on the low end to 60 miles on the high end. The factors that contribute to the range of drivetime are 2 seater vs 4 seater, stock cart vs heavily modified, stock tires vs large aftermarket tires, stock motor / controller vs high performance motor / controller. If you desire two batteries, bringing you to 180ah, simply wire your additional battery in parallel (not series). It requires no special hardware and will significantly increase the range and performance in any 48v cart.





UNO Promotion - Take $100 off with Coupon Code::