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Deluxe Custom Built Golf Cart Seats





Customize your Luxury Golf Cart Seats with our new Custom Seat Configuration Tool!

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3 and you’re ready.



First, select what type of cart you own, from the pull down menu. This will tell us what the physical design and dimensions of your Golf Cart Seats

Second, Pick out you primary color. This is the color used on the outside section of your seat. Click on Primary Color and select a color from the palate and your good!

Third, Pick out your secondary color. This is the color that is the stripes or hourglass or whatever the inside color of your particular design is.

Lastly select whether you want piping, Piping is a raised edge around the outside perimeter of the seat. Looks great and I recommend it.

Add to your cart! It’s that easy!

*All Lazy Life Premium Seat Assemblies are subject to our Special Order policy.