Eco Battery 48v 105ah "Skinny" Lithium Battery Bundle

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Eco Battery 48V 105Ah "Skinny" Lithium Bundle

More power, more range, zero maintenance

Get ready for a game-changing golf cart upgrade with the Eco Battery lithium bundle. The "Skinny" battery, designed to perfectly fit your cart, is the go-to choice for the golf cart models listed both above and below. We know firsthand the incredible torque and speed boost it delivers – a true game-changer for our customers. But don't just take our word for it; once you take it for a spin, your golf cart will never be the same. Shifting to lithium batteries not only amps up your golf cart's performance but also get you driving range of 40-45 miles. Trust us, if you're seeking high-performance upgrades, this is the route to take.

Top Features (which we absolutely love)

  • More power: Higher output for more power and longer run times: 600A max (3 sec), 300A max (30 sec), and 175A continuous discharge
  • Light weight: This lithium battery is a mere fraction of the weight of its clunky lead acid counterparts. Feel the weight lifted off your ride – literally!
  • Rock-Solid Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with an 8-year warranty, backed by Eco's top-tier Customer Support.
  • Easy Install, this battery bundle comes with everything you need to replace your battery
  • Proprietary BMS (Battery Management System) guarantees it will work with your motor & controller upgrades. It's a perfect match!
  • Room for a second battery: For the adventurers out there, here's an exciting tip: you can hookup 2 batteries in parallel and enjoy an extended range of up to 90 miles! Imagine the places you can explore with that much range & power at your disposal!



Why should you upgrade to Lithium from Lead Acid?

Lithium batteries outlive lead acid by a whopping factor of 10. Less time swapping batteries, more time living the ride.

Never top up with water again! No more acid mess, odor, or corroded terminal

A single lithium battery is 3X lighter than lead acid. A single battery solution will also free up space in the battery bay for additional storage solutions, or better yet, an onboard charger.

Lithium batteries charge faster than lead acid systems. And there is no memory effect, so you can charge partially or fully, at any time.


Fitment: The "Skinny" battery (as opposed to Eco's Thru-hole) is the fitted solution for...

  • EZGO TXT, or Express
  • EZGO RXV with metal tray
  • Yamaha G19-G2
  • Pilot Car (note, you likely do not need the 12v converter add-on since the Pilot typically already has one)
  • Club Car Carryall 2015+

If you have any of the following carts, the "Thru-hole" option will be best:

  • Club Car Precedent, Onward, Tempo
  • Club Car DS, Villager, or Envy
  • EZGO RXV with Plastic tray
  • Icon EV
  • Advanced EV
  • Yamaha Drive 2007-2016
  • Yamaha Drive2


What’s included?

eco-battery-48v-105ah-thru-hole-kit-small.jpegEco Battery "bundles" are specific to the Cart Make & Model and Battery selected above. You will have everything you need for a quick and easy setup.Here's what you'll get:

  • "Skinny" LifePo4 Battery (Voltage and Amperage selected above)
  • Battery Charger specific to Voltage
  • Voltage Reducer specific to Voltage (optional, but required if you don't already have one)
  • LCD Gauge for accurate battery readings
  • Mounting Hardware specific to cart make and model providing the easiest install in the industry


About Eco Battery

Allow us to introduce you to Eco Battery – a proud U.S.-based company deeply committed to providing the finest lithium batteries on the market. Their dedication to excellence is evident in their relentless R&D efforts to ensure years of seamless performance. They source top-tier LiFePo4 cells from premier global manufacturers. Each Eco Battery is equipped with carefully selected and matched cells, ensuring peak capacity and resistance. When you choose Eco Battery, you're embracing a legacy of quality and innovation.

Product Files

51V 105Ah Thru Hole Datasheet
51V 105Ah Skinny Datasheet
Quickstart Guide

Width:13.14 (in)

Height:12.24 (in)

Depth:10.15 (in)

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Pair your lithium Eco Battery with a Navitas Controller and optimize your cart's speed, range, and acceleration. Shop Navitas 600AMP Controllers