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Golf Cart Rear Seats, who makes the best?

Posted by Steve Roche, Owner on 21st Feb 2019

Golf Cart rear flip seats are standard with pretty much every personal golf cart out there. If you just bought your golf cart
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New Madjax Timberwolf and Raptor Series Tires

Posted by Steven Roche on 10th Mar 2015

Madjax Raptor Series All Terrain Semi Aggressive Tires.The Raptor Series are a 4 Ply Tire that come in 10", 12" and 14"
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Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) vs. Electric Engines

Posted by Stephen Metzger, Small Vehicle Resource LLC on 7th Oct 2014

Club Car’s recent announcement that a new drive train, featuring a Subaru electronic fuel injection engine, will be available
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