Lithium Batteries

Extreme Kartz is the home for golf cart lithium ion battery conversion kits. We have fast & FREE Shipping, leading brands like Allied Battery and Eco Battery, and an experienced support team that can guide you in your conversion journey...everything from selecting the right option for your situation all the way to installation tips and support.


Allied Lithium Battery is one of the few Lithium Solutions with golf cart batteries made to the exact dimensions as the lead acid batteries so the installation and the connection points are in the same place. Allied's 30ah lithium batteries are true “Drop-in-Ready” for golf carts. Turn-key replacement systems enable you to convert your cart from lead acid to lithium in less than 30 minutes. 

Allied Lithium Battery multi-battery configurations include 36v 30ah and 48v 30ah. Their single bank batteries are all 48v with these amperages: 65ah, 105ah, 155ah, and known for their industry-leading BMS and max amperage outputs (meaning more power and acceleration).

Eco Lithium Battery bundles in 48v 105ah, 48v 72ah, and 70v 105ah are known for their golf-cart-specific easy lithium ion battery conversion installation kits and their great compatibility with high performance motors and controllers.