Posted by Steve Roche, Owner on 10th Mar 2015

Golf Cart Rear Seats, who makes the best?

Golf Cart rear flip seats are standard with pretty much every personal golf cart out there. If you just bought your golf cart the first two things you look to purchase are typically a rear seat and a light package.

Problem you run into is there are SO MANY rear seats out there to look at you wonder which one you should buy?

Extremekartz carries Rear Seats that range in cost from $265 on the low end to $700 for the Deluxe Rear Seats with Custom Cushion Sets.

So I'll break it down to you into 3 categories

Sub $300 Golf Cart Seats

In this level the seats are steel frames, the steel used is thinner than the higher quality seats so the useful life before rust sets in is probably only a couple of years before your purchasing another rear seat.

Another area is the seat cushions are thinner so they are not very comfortable and the footrest is smaller making entering or exiting your rear seat a challenge.

Bottom line here is you get what you pay for and if your budget minded then they will do the trick.

$300-$500 Mid range Golf Cart Rear Seats

This is the sweet spot for Golf Cart Rear Seats. Seats such as the Madjax Genesis 150 and the RHOX 400 Series seats offer Solid Steel construction, larger foot rests, when flipped into the cargo flatbed you'll find Diamond Plate Plastic or a smooth platform both of which are fine. Top Struts are typically included with these seats.

Ease of installation is important and these seats will take about an hour or so to install.

The best of this category are the Madjax Genesis 150 or the RHOX 400 Series Seats

$500 + Deluxe Golf Cart Rear Seats

In this category you have seats like the Madjax Genesis 250 (steel), Genesis 300 (Aluminum). Doubletake MAX 5 Aluminum Rear Seat and the RHOX 500 Series.

The Deluxe Seats all offer ABS Plastic Designs, the infrastructure of the seat is either Aluminum or Steel but the majority of the seat is plastic.

This reduces the weight of the seat significantly and also the rust issue mostly goes away.

The footrest on all of these seats folds up for storage saving space.

Cushion Sets are larger and alot more comfortable and are adjustable in height

Features like built in seat belt mounts on the Genesis 250/300 are really helpful

When the seat if folded down into the flatbed position there is a panel that lifts up where you can add a storage box that fits down into the trunk area underneath.

Quite useful for storing belongings, or keeping beverages cold.

All three seats offer a standard extra large safety bar in the back.

You can't go wrong with any of these seats.

If you are looking at straight factory colored cushions then the Genesis 250/300 is a great choice

If you want to go with Two Tone Cushion Sets then the Doubletake MAX 5 is the way to go as you can get the Aluminum Rear Seat with Two Tone Cushion Set and Matching Front Seat Cushions for $858.00

Doubletake offers seven different seat cushion designs in multiple color combinations so you should be able to find a set that you like

There are lot of seats to choose from so choose carefully.



Steve Roche