Posted by Steven Roche on 30th Apr 2014

One reason to like Electric Carts over Gas Carts

At Bebos Buggies we perform alot of maintenance service for Club Car, EZ-GO and Yamaha Golf Carts.

Anything from dead carts, poorly running, no power, stinks like oil etc.

Recently we came upon a Club Car DS that was one for the books.

The initial symptoms were it didn't run or it basically chugged when it did.

We checked for spark and there was none so we decided to check the coil inside the motor.

Well, we found the problem when we took off the flywheel.

Apparently some family of rodents or birds, snakes whatever decided to make Bob's DS a home for the winter!!!

Some additional charges did apply.............

Another reason to like electric over gas motors.

The Cart Guy.