Posted by Courtesy of Golf Cart Advisor on 19th May 2014

Vendor Profile - All Sports Manufacturing

Extreme Kartz proudly supports All Sports Manufacturing products.

All Sports Manufacturing was developed in 2000 with a simple idea, but a difficult proposition, create a lift kit that didn’t require cutting of a golf car’s frame. This is when the Spindle lift kit was born, since that day All Sports has been on the leading edge of development and design of golf car lift kits and accessories. All Sports is very much a family business, owners Steve and Judy Wagner and two of their sons. Steve and Judy still run the day to day operations at their 48,000 square foot, state of the art manufacturing facility.

In 2002, All Sports Manufacturing relocated to Pensacola, Florida. Initially housed in a 1600 square foot facility with just a few employees the innovations continued. The company continued to grow rapidly and within a year had more than doubled in space and added several more employees. This dramatic growth came from a dedication to superior customer service and quality products. These principals are still the guiding philosophy of All Sports Manufacturing today.

All Sports Manufacturing, still experiencing record growth, in 2004 relocated to an 11,000 square foot stand-alone facility and continued to add new and innovative products. At the same time it became one of the fastest growing companies in the Pensacola area. The following year they added a second 10,000 facility to help meet the growing demand. In 2006 All Sports was able to bring everything back under one roof at its current location. Now employing over 40 full time employees; all dedicated to providing every customer with unmatched quality and service.

All fabrication, welding, assembly, powder painting and packaging are performed on site. Raw materials come into All Sports facility and everything leaves packaged and ready for installation on a car. Investing in the newest equipment and manufacturing techniques allows for flexibility and same day or next day shipping in many cases. On top of this All Sports is the only manufacturer of its’ size to allow for custom products or product alterations, filling the need for custom components in a “Cookie Cutter” industry.

In the mid 2000’s, All Sports Manufacturing was approached by Club Car, Inc., with a problem, that other lift kit manufacturers had tried and failed to solve. Club Car was looking for a lift kit to add to some of their new Precedent models, All Sports rose to the task and after thousands of dollars in testing and development, succeeded with flying colors. Club Car still offers several different All Sports components on their OEM Precedent models. To this day, All Sports is still the only golf car lift kit manufacturer to be Club Car, Inc. tested and approved.

Over time, All Sports has reached out to cover many more product lines of the golf car industry. Starting out with a full line of wheels and tires offering two of the most popular brands, ITP and STI and most recently adding their own line, ATW. Soon after there was a need for more OEM replacement parts and like many times before, All Sports fulfilled this need andnow offers many complete lines of replacement parts for the three major golf cart brands: Club Car, E-Z-GO and Yamaha.

In recent years, All Sports has faced many duplicators and imitators, copying their products and creating a cheaper, inferior version - a knock-off. Though many of these knock-off products look similar to an All Sports product, they are far from it. Inferior materials being the biggest issue, but also poor manufacturing techniques, a close second. Due to the flood of cheap, inferior products in the industry, Opossum Products was born. All Sports worked closely with another manufacturer to essentially “Knock-off” their own product. Now offering two different versions of their most popular and most copied lift, still ranks above many other duplicates, but still at a more economical and lesser price point. Opossum Products is now distributed directly through All Sports Manufacturing and includes several popular products such as seat kits and lift kits - “Products imported directly from the U.S.A.”.

You may have seen the phrase “Manufacturing American Pride” associated with All Sports Manufacturing? This means more than just “Made in America” it is a commitment to stand out in every aspect of business. In a world of answering machines, our phones are answered by a knowledgeable person. All Sports designs, develops and manufactures their products, they know these products, these aren’t cheap, imported, knock-offs, they’re the industries best and what has become the industry standard.

All Sports is committed to maintaining their position as an excellent corporate citizen. From providing a safe and clean working environment for employees, many of whom have been there for many years. Maintaining a relationship with many suppliers, since their arrival in Pensacola and continuing to grow together and supporting many local charities together as a whole; with belief in prospering as a company and helping the community at the same time.

Putting their customers first and providing a great business relationship is at the top of the list at All Sports. Along with its’ excellent customer service, All Sports offers something else that many companies cannot do – each and every product produced by All Sports Manufacturing comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you’re unhappy with any of their products for absolutely any reason, return it, no questions asked. The customer has always come first and this is something that will always continue at All Sports Manufacturing.