Posted by Steven Roche on 5th May 2014

Vendor Profile - D&D Motor Systems

Extreme Kartz proudly represents D&D Motor Systems.

D&D Motor Systems is a privately held New York corporation which designs and manufactures specialty direct current (DC) motors and carries a broad line of matching series & regen controllers. D&D Motor Systems offers both stock and custom DC motors that are backed by over 75 years of combined experience in motor design, testing and manufacturing. Furthermore, they provide state of the art motor testing services if the customers have such a need. Their market focus includes golf car, utility vehicle, neighborhood electric vehicle, hunting buggy, car, motorcycle, man lift, lawnmower, forklift, go kart, mining, airport support, agriculture, boat, and several other miscellaneous electric vehicle markets.

Located in Syracuse, New York, D&D Motor Systems is co-owned by Eric and Mike Dieroff. These brothers were basically born into the electric motor business! Their father Gary Dieroff worked as head engineer for Prestolite and later was a key founder of Advanced DC Motors. Prior to starting D&D Motor Systems, Mike was President of Advanced DC Motors. Eric and Mike’s skills complement each other well as Eric heads up the engineering and quality part of the business while Mike attends to the Sales, Purchasing, and other daily operations.

D&D’s experience has allowed them to grow quickly in today’s tough global economy. Other key factors that have allowed them to excel are their high performance line of electric motors, unmatched engineering service, dedicated customer service, and competitive pricing. Specialty vehicles that D&D has motors for include but are not limited to Stealth Manufacturing, Bad Boy Buggy, GEM car, Taylor Dunn, Melex, Ford Think, Citicar, and Harley Davidson.

D&D Motor Systems’ mission is straightforward. They want to provide their customers golf cars with the best motor and controller solutions for their desired applications and performance needs. D&D Motor Systems does this by selling the highest quality motors while providing the best engineering & customer service at highly competitive prices.

Over the past several years the major OEMs (Club Car, E-Z-GO, Yamaha, & Columbia Par Car) have all switched over to producing mostly regenerative braking model golf cars. As part of basic supply and demand, fewer series vehicles are available in the aftermarket. This does not change the fact that the end customer is still looking for enhanced performance by changing the motor & controller.

D&D Motor Systems, the technology leader and innovator for the global golf car aftermarket, has the largest high performance product line offering in the world. The offering includes motors, controllers, solenoids, and wire kits. This provides the dealers with a literal one stop shopping environment for the complete high performance golf car upgrade package.

In an electric golf car, the source of energy obviously comes from the battery pack. The amount of current drawn from that battery pack will determine the range of the golf car. However, of more importance is the safety of every end customer. If you have a golf car that is all souped-up and in a tough application, then the current draw will be quite high and a weak link in the golf car could fail and cause grave bodily harm. The weak link could be the motor, controller, differential, wire, solenoid, F&R, brakes, tires, or several other factors.

Therefore, D&D Motor Systems determines a customer’s Max Current Draw range by asking the customers several key questions. These are the same questions they ask on their website,, after someone clicks on their “Choosing A Motor” button. Some of these questions include: Model, type, voltage & year of the car? Is the car Series or Regen? Is the car lifted with big tires? Does the car have a backseat or bed? Is the environment flat, rolling, or hilly? What speed is required on flat ground? What current motor and controller is being used? If anyone is unsure of the answer to any of these questions, they can go to the website where they are provided with a step-by-step guide for determining the correct answer.
Based on the answers to the above questions, a basic Max Current Draw range can be determined. D&D Motor Systems have become experts in ensuring the right motor and/or controller is sold for the customer’s application and performance specifications based on that Max Current Draw range calculation. Often when a customer cannot answer some of those basic questions, the responsibility shifts to the customer or the motor may not be sold. If sold, no warranty will be provided.

With the recent total redesign of their website, they have made the website a more informational and user friendly tool. This includes links to complementary component suppliers, free golf car manuals, educational articles, controller manuals & schematics, and specialty application request for quote forms.


In today’s society, everyone knows litigation has become more and more prevalent. Without asking the right questions about your customer’s applications and vehicle specifications you run a higher risk of selling them the wrong motor or controller. When this occurs, all the risk and liability for the end customer’s safety shifts to the dealer.

When it comes to the safety of your customers, don’t take a chance on suppliers who don’t ask the right questions or use lower quality foreign made knock-offs. Rely on the experts at D&D Motor Systems to provide you with the right combination of high quality US made motors and controllers the first time!

They pride themselves on their technical expertise and use that to meet customer needs at an affordable price. “If a dealer can answer the basic vehicle setup, performance, and application questions; we rarely get a dissatisfied customer.”

D&D Motor Systems same day or next day delivery service is as good as or better than anyone else in the market. In addition, their robust motor design makes their quality second to none in today’s global market place.