Posted by Steven Roche on 5th May 2014

Vendor Profile - Strech Plastics

Extreme Kartz proudly represents products from Strech Plastics Inc. This is their 40th year in business and their 33rd year in manufacturing and distributing golf car accessories.

Strech Plastics is still here with our dedication to innovating and manufacturing quality American made golf car products at affordable prices.

Dedication to the highest quality products shows as we continue to be the #1 golf car windshield manufacturer. No other company has the selection we do from windshields for legacy model cars to the latest models on the market.

From tinted to clear, winged or non-winged, 1 piece or folding, and even stamped DOT street legal models. We also have the clearest hinge in the business for our folding windshields. Much of the manufacturing process of our windshields is still done by hand like most of our quality American Made parts. We also look for ways to innovate and make our products even better.

A couple of years ago we came out with the new EASY-ON® windshields that cut down on installation time and eliminates the squeaking produced by windshields with brackets. That being said, we are happy to announce this year that all of our windshields are going to be available with the new Weather Seal (refer to photo). This new Weather Seal for Strech Plastics Windshields offers more protection from rain, wind, dust, and mud while offering a nice clean custom look.

Also among the new products that are coming out this year is the new 6 passenger seat pod assembly (refer to photo). For those builders who are interested in stretching their vehicles our seat pod assembly has everything you need. The assembly includes the pod, pod vents, seat cushions, seat back with brackets, hip restraints, and complete hardware. This is a great quality product that we will be offering at a price that should make our dealers very happy. Of course that’s what Strech Plastics is all about, offering quality products at reasonable prices.

One of our core American made products is our Longtops. We offer these tops in 2,4, & 6 passenger options. Strech Plastics tops are all vacuum formed polyethylene and UV protected. The 2 passenger tops come in black and white, the 4 passenger tops are available in black, tan, beige, or white, while the 6 passenger tops come in tan, black, or white. All are available with aluminum trim which can also be powder coated (not anodized) in black or textured black to match the supports. Our Longtops install easily without drilling and we carry supports for many makes and models. Like our windshields most of the manufacturing process for Strech Plastics Longtops is done by hand and offers unsurpassed American quality.

One of Strech Plastics hottest sellers this year has been The Answer® Golf Bag Rack and Accessory Mounting Attachment

The Answer® has 2 grab bar mounting configurations. A universal model that mounts to most metal seat kit steps, and another one that mounts to the Strech Plastics Seat Kit Step. Once The Answer® grab bar is installed it just takes a couple of minutes to go from grab bar to golf pro. You just simply slide the grab bar bag attachment over the top of the grab bar and install the base security hoop to the bottom of the grab bar which prevents the base of your bags from sliding. Don’t be that guy on YouTube taking a corner and dumping all your golf equipment all over the place. Get The Answer®. There is also a deluxe model which includes 2 sand and seed bottles, a ball and club washer, and an igloo cooler. Another nice feature of the deluxe model is you can slide off the bag straps, throw your tool bag in the security hoop, fold open the seat and now you have a great utility car with the igloo cooler still attached.

Strech Plastics dedication to manufacturing quality parts at affordable prices continues into the future.