We have created a Blog just for you

Posted by Steven Roche on 27th Apr 2014

We have created a Blog just for you

Welcome to the Extreme Kartz new information sharing blog!!!

We are really excited to have the opportunity to share our insights and knowledge of news, events, How-Tos', new product announcements etc with what we hope will be a large community of users and enthusiasts sharing information on how to make your whole personal Golf Cart experience and fun one.

We have two separate business here at Extreme Kartz.

First we have ExtremeKartz.com whic as you can see our online shopping store with over 3500 products to offer to the user community. We are always looking at new products to bring into the market that will help add more functionality and looks to our customers carts. Look for us to be featuring new products weekly.

That's one great reason for a blog. If you happen upon a product that looks really neat and you want to learn more about it, heres a great way to bring it to our attention and we can do the research and come back on report to everyone what we found and frankly our opinion on the viability of that product. What a great way to learn and share.

Secondly we own Bebos Buggies www.bebosbuggies.com This is our retail operation where we have a showroom and a lot to showcase the golf carts we offer for sale. It's great to sit down with potential customers and just listen to what their needs are and how we can customize a cart to fit those requirements. We have a showroom stocked with 7 different sets of Wheels & Tires, A wall full of custom seat backs, Lift Kits, Brush Guards, three different types of rear seats etc...so we can show and educate our customers about what they can do with their golf cart.

We look forward to blogging away with exciting news and events.