EZGO TXT Body Kits

Welcome to Extreme Kartz's home for EZGO TXT Golf Cart Body Kits!

Discover a range of options to elevate the style and performance of your EZGO TXT. Our collection includes top-rated body kits like the Madjax Storm, DoubleTake Phoenix, and DoubleTake Titan. Whether you're seeking a rugged look or sleek design, our curated selection has you covered. Upgrade your EZGO TXT golf cart today and stand out on the course with these popular choices!

Here's our guide for each of the TXT Body Kits:

Newest & hottest design: THE MADJAX STORM

It's the latest in Madjax's innovation Engineered to integrate with E-Z-GO TXTs model years 1994 and up, the Madjax Storm body kit’s modular design streamlines installation and allows for easier repairs. The molded X-pattern on the grille highlights the motion and spirit of the MadJax Brand while retaining assertive styling lines.

Customer favorite: DOUBLETAKE'S PHOENIX

The new Phoenix Golf Cart Body Kit for the EZ-GO TXT 96+ is made with ABS-plastic and comes in 11 colors to choose from. Like the Madjax Storm, the Phoenix has one of the latest of modern styles. Customer's like that the Phoenix is less expensive than the Storm and can be easily color matched with other DoubleTake accessories.


Like the Phoenix, the Titan is made with ABS-plastic and comes in 11 different colors to choose from. If you're looking to upgrade your ride, but keep it on the cheaper side, the Titan will save you money and be a great option. Just be prepared for a longer than average installation process....but customers still say it's worth it!