TEEKON 840amp Controller & 9kw Motor - DC to AC Range & Speed (32MPH) Upgrade Kit - Club Car - by SilverWolf Motors

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Take your golf cart to top speed 32 mph with TEEKON’s DC to AC Motor Conversion Speed Kit

There’s performance upgrades. And then there’s TEEKON’s high performance motor kit. So many customers ask: “How do I make my golf cart go faster?” Well, the TEEKON 840amp controller & motor kit is the answer. Take your cart to speeds of 25 mph for street cruising, and with a customer signing a waiver, the controller can be unlocked to reach speeds up to 32 mph! This AC conversion kit with its industry leading Permanent Magnet motor, will get your Club Car movin’ on the camp grounds and around your neighborhood. Also, we're here to help; call us if you need any technical assistance!


  • Go faster with greater torque - 56% Increase Speed & Acceleration so you can reach speeds of 32 mph
  • Go farther on a single charge - 20% Increase Range
  • Quick & Easy Installation - 57% Lighter than the OEM solution
  • ON-THE-FLY Smartphone App - Switch seamlessly between profiles customized for driving needs
  • Compatible with Club Car Precedent & Onward
  • Superior to other High Performance Controllers - customers find the Teekon is more efficient, lighter, and better performance than other common high performance controllers


What makes the TEEKON better? 

The permanent magnet AC motor (PMAC) is a clear upgrade from conventional DC & AC induction motors. They are more efficient as they create their own magnetic field and does not require re-magnetizing via an electric current (as do the magnets in conventional electric motors). It’s why the major EV automakers like Tesla have begun to adopt PMAC technology in their newer models.

SilverWolf utilizes a premium AC-Permanent Magnet motor that delivers unprecedented energy efficiency derived by their reduced weight, regenerative braking capabilities, and smart Power Management Technology. They draw much less current while delivering a high-powered ride. Easily, they deliver 20% greater range than the stock DC motor installed on a standard golf car.


TEEKON offers riders the ability to modify OEM settings for additional speed and torque. This means you don’t have to wait and build up speed before climbing that hill or towing that trailer.  Go faster, quicker.

The TEEKON has five, built-in speed settings, or “Profiles”, which SilverWolf characterizes as:

  • Turtle mode” for low speed
  • Long Range Mode” designed to maximize range, by limiting speed, acceleration and torque
  • Standard Mode” provides stock golf car performance levels
  • Standard LSV” delivers greater speed up to 25 MPH
  • Sport Mode” delivers maximum speed and torque - NOTE: TO REACH TOP SPEEDS, SPORT MODE REQUIRES A WAIVER TO ACTIVATE

Note, driving golf carts fast can be dangerous. Please use caution and drive responsibly. 

The TEEKON kit utilizes a Plug ‘n Play wiring harness that connects directly to the your Club Car’s OEM harness. Installation requires only 7 tools found on a typical work bench. Further adding to effortless install, is its weight—57% lighter than the OEM solution.

What’s in the Kit?


[Not Included, But Required for Install] 2 Gauge Power Cables

SilverWolf custom 2 gauge Power Cables are ideal for AC Power requirements. This cable set includes connections for accessories such as lights, horns signals etc. Cables are a color coded to match the motor phases, cut to Club Car proprietary length and all ends are machine crimped and heat shrink protected.

Will it fit my Club Car?



Important: If your Club car does not have OEM components in the areas below, your are at risk for the Teekon not working for your cart:

  • MCOR. Your Mcor needs to be OEM
  • OBC. Your on-board computer (OBC) needs to be OEM
  • IQ harness. If you have an older regen DS, aftermarket IQ harnesses will not work. Must have OEM IQ harness. 


Product Files

Installation & Service Manual (PDF) →
Data Sheet (PDF) →
Download the On-The-Fly with Bluetooth® Smartphone App (Android) → 
Download the On-The-Fly with Bluetooth® Smartphone App (iOS) →


The Extreme Upgrade — Pair with Allied Lithium Batteries for Even Better Range

Increasing your cart’s speed and power on standard lead acid batteries will reduce drive time. For you to get 20+ miles of drive time, you should make sure to have ample amperage output from battery. We recommend pairing this controller kit with a lithium battery for better range and power. Allied’s Lithium batteries are a great solution to replace. The 48v30amp fit your stock mounting kit. The 48v105amp will require installing the universal mounting kit (included) but will get you that additional drive time!





Lightweight Motor For Easier Install;Most Efficient Upgrade Kit For Speed, Torque, & Range;Fits Precedent IQ And DS IQ With Curtis 1510/1515 Controllers


  • 5
    Silver Wolf kit

    Posted by John on 12th Jan 2023

    Very pleased with this upgrade to my Club Car Precedent. Plenty of speed and pulls hills so much better than the stock Precedent motor and controller. Would recommend to anyone in the market for an AC conversion, you won't be disappointed.

  • 5
    Superior performance

    Posted by Mark G on 23rd Sep 2022

    I have had high performance controllers in the past. This one is more efficient and lighter. Plenty of power. Would recommend!