Navitas EZGO TXT 48V DC To AC 600 AMP 5KW Conversion Kit

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Upgrade your EZGO golf cart like a boss with this Navitas TAC2 DC to AC conversion kit. This beast is designed to crank up your cart's torque, top speed, and acceleration to the max. You're in control – tweak your acceleration, max speed, and regenerative braking on the fly with the OTF programmer. And with the Bluetooth app, you can geek out over your cart's diagnostic data.

The Navitas TAC2 600A 5kw 48V-72V DC to AC Conversion Kit is the real deal. It's got a fully-programmable 600A AC controller, a 5 KW Navitas AC motor, and the On-The-Fly Programmer – talk about power at your fingertips. Installation is made easier with mounting plate and auxiliary harnessing included. This kit works for Curtis 1206HB controllers. Get ready to own the road! We pride ourselves on our Navitas experience, so check out our "Install Tips from a Pro" section below, or feel free to call us with any questions!


  • Fits EZ-GO TXT (with Curtis 1206HB controller)
  • Does not fit "Series" TXT 36/48 Volt Carts Or 36 Volt DCS Carts.   
  • Does not fit MPT's with extended input shaft
  • This will not replace an RXV motor/controller set up


Pre Purchase Checklist:

  • Cart must have a Curtis 1206HB controller. 
  • Heavy duty solenoid (required for controllers 440 amps or higher)
  • Right Batteries:
    • Does not work w/ Samsung Lithium Batteries
    • Will work with aftermarket drop in lithium packs, such as Roypow and Relion, or Allied/Epoch if you have 3 x 30ah 
      (If you're unsure, check your battery discharge specification to ensure the battery can handle the amperage Navitas controllers call for. Insufficient amperage ratings will call for the controller amperage to be turned down. 440 amp controller should have a 400 amp output battery. 600 amp controllers should have a 600 amp output battery)
    • Carts with lead acid batteries should have heavy duty batty cables. 4 gauge or bigger cables.



  • 600 amp AC Controller with Bluetooth
  • AC 5 kW motor
  • Navitas adaptor harness for E-Z-GO TXT
  • On-The-Fly programmer
  • Mounting plate and hardware
  • Run/Tow switch mount
  • Motor phase cable
  • Speed sensor/motor temperature harness

If wanting to convert 36v PDS TXT, this kit works great, but you will also need to purchase the following:

- 36/48v Adapter Harness

- HD Solenoid

- 48v Batteries. (We recommend the 48v 105ah Lithium Battery which is the #1 recommended battery when pairing with Navitas controllers)

Install Tips From a Pro:

  • Take pictures of current wire locations and positioning before starting install. (This will help if you forget where a wire or connection goes)
  • Taking rear passanger tire off can help with installing the motor. (This will give you more space and maneuverability to get the motor on the splined shaft.)
  • Download Navitas App and configure your controller to your cart. (This will make your motor and controller run as efficenetly as possible.)


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